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  • Konami Krazy Racers Arrives On Wii U Virtual Console Later Today
    You’ll soon be able to play Konami Krazy Racers on your Wii U. The racing game will be available later today, November 26, on the console’s Virtual Console service via the Nintendo eShop. Konami Krazy Racers was originally released in 2001 for Game Boy Advance. It includes 16 courses and allows players to choose from […]
  • Nintendo eShop Opening In All Remaining European Countries In December
    Do you live in Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, or Romania? Well good news: the Nintendo eShop will finally be available to you starting on December 10th at 15.00h CET. It’s important to note that the eShop will be in English and will only accept Euros for purchases. Hopefully it opens […]
  • EU: Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones Coming To Wii U Virtual Console
    Grab your controller and a friend, because it’s time for Billy and Jimmy to suit up and kick butt. Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones is coming to the Wii U Virtual Console tomorrow in Europe. The game is a port of the NES version rather than the arcade version, which adds the ability to […]
  • Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Supports Wii Remote And Nunchuck
    One of the games that I suspect the majority of you are looking forward to next year on the Wii U is The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD. We don’t know too much about the remaster other than it is being developed by Tantalus Media. However, the official website for Nintendo Sweden has revealed that The […]
  • Pokemon Picross Coming December 3rd In US And Europe
    The Pokemon Company has today confirmed that Pokemon Picross will be heading to Europe and the United States on December 3rd. This should hopefully keep you occupied over the Christmas period and will be a free download. Turn puzzles into portraits with Pokémon Picross! Pokémon Picross can be downloaded without charge from Nintendo eShop for […]
  • Nintendo Of America’s eShop Cyber Deals Are Now Live
    Nintendo of America has now listed the new eShop cyber deals on their website, with some titles being reduced up to 50% of their original price.  There’s a mixture of Wii U and 3DS games to get your hands on. Here’s the list courtesy of Nintendo Everything: Zelda: The Wind Waker HD – $34.99 (was $49.99) […]
  • Frys: Black Friday Deal Is Buy 2 Wii U Games Get 1 Free
    Looking to increase your video game collection? Well, you might want to think about heading to Frys as the retailer will be running a special buy two get one free deal on Wii U titles. So you could pick up Mario Kart 8, Captain Toad and Super Smash Bros for example. The choice is yours! […]
  • Target eBay: Wii U With Splatoon And Smash Bros Up For $249
    Target has started its Black Friday sale slightly early on eBay as the US retailer is currently selling the 32GB Wii U bundle with Splatoon and Super Smash Bros for the sweet price point of $249.99. If you want this particular deal then you had better be quick about it. It certainly saves you queuing up […]
  • Japan: Nintendo 3DS Sells 35K And Wii U Sells 14K
    This week’s Japanese sales charts are now in courtesy of sales tracker Media Create. There’s been a number of new entires in the charts this week and it appears as though Star Wars Battlefront is in big demand in Japan as it was easily the best-selling piece of software released this week. Hardware-wise it’s the […]
  • Create A Game Store In Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer
    One of the things that users have been dying to create in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is a quaint little video game store. Well, Japanese gamers will be able to do just that in the very near future. Owners of the game will be tasked next month with designing a home that looks like a […]

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