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  • Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition Demo Live In Europe & Release Date Confirmed
    Happy early morning to those in Europe as Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition now has a demo available to download on the Nintendo Switch. In addition, the game page on the eShop lists a release date of September 12, 2017. You can find Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition under the “Coming Soon” section of the Nintendo Switch […]
  • Hey! Pikmin Sells Through 45 Percent Of Its Initial Shipment In Japan
    From its launch on July 13 to July 16, Hey! Pikmin has managed to sell approximately 65,000 copies in Japan. This means that the new Nintendo 3DS game has sold through 45 percent of its initial shipment, according to Dengeki. For comparison’s sake, the first Pikmin and Pikmin 3 sold more than 100,000 copies in […]
  • Here’s The Full Official Recording Of This Weekend’s Pokemon GO Fest
    The Pokemon GO Fest is now but a memory, but the official Pokemon GO YouTube has given people the opportunity to see a recording of the event. The recording is a replay of the live stream they did yesterday, but it’s now available to watch to your heart’s content. Lugia was revealed as the first […]
  • Video: Unseen64 Takes A Look At Lost Disney 3D Platformer ‘Project Goliath’
    It’s no secret that some games, that appear to be well in development, get canned at the last minute. Liam Robertson at Unseen64 has uploaded a video to YouTube in which a title called Project Goliath fell victim to being cancelled. Taking inspiration from the likes of Jak And Daxter and around the time when […]
  • Did You Know Gaming? Have Covered The Game Boy Advance
    Did You Know Gaming? have put the Game Boy Advance under the microscope in their latest video. As well as looking at the original plans for a Game Boy successor, the video delves into some interesting facts about the GBA. If you’re a fan of the Game Boy Advance, Did You Know Gaming? has you […]
  • Jones Soda & Sega Team Up To Bring Sonic Mania Branded Drinks
    Currently only available at Comic Con, attendees are being given the chance to win some Sonic Mania branded drinks thanks to a partnership between Jones Soda and Sega. In a Facebook post, Jones Soda also points to the possibility of these drinks being made available outside Comic Con. Check out the flavours below: The flavours […]
  • Yoshiaki Koizumi Talks About The New Generation At Nintendo
    In the latest edition of Edge magazine, games journalist Nathan Brown caught up with Nintendo’s Yoshiaki Koizumi. The Super Mario Odyssey producer spoke about the importance of having different people working on the company’s games; highlighting the fact that new generations within Nintendo ultimately changes the way their games feel: “Generations turn over, and when you’re working […]
  • Splatoon 2 Developers Discuss The Game And Post Release Support
    One game that I suspect you are all playing this weekend is the wonderful Splatoon 2 for the Nintendo Switch. Japanese gaming publication Famitsu recently caught up with four of the game’s developers. Those who took part were art director Seita Inoue, lead programmer Shintaro Sato, director Yusuke Amano, and producer Hisashi Nogami. As you […]
  • Sega Has The Released The Special Stage Music From Sonic Mania
    After teasing Sonic Mania’s Special Stage at a San Diego Comic Con panel, the Sonic YouTube channel has now released the level’s intense music. Titled “Dimension Heist”, it certainly suits the high-speed action that Sonic Special Stages are known for. Check out the video below. Thanks Nintendo Guy!Filed under: Nintendo Tagged: ost, sonic mania, Special […]
  • Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers Receives Update
    If you own Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers you may have noticed that the game recently received an update. The current version is Version 1.1.1 and it appears to be a simple online function and balance patch. If you are still in the fence about the game then you can always check out our review of […]

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