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  • Rumour: Game Freak Are Looking To Do Something ‘Disruptive’ With Next Pokemon Game
    Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon have just be released but all eyes are now on the next project from Game Freak, the developers behind the Pokemon franchise. On a recent Easy Allies podcast it was mentioned that they had heard something about the company’s plans for the next game and it’s apparently set to […]
  • US: Team Fantasy Have Won The Splatfest
    The latest Splatfest took place over the weekend and the winners have been crowned.  It was Team Fantasy which took the lead over Team Sci-Fi. Both teams fought hard and congratulations to all those who participated, but it was a 2-1 lead for Team Fantasy. Source Thanks to Magitroopa for the tip!Filed under: Nintendo, Switch Tagged: […]
  • Super Mario Odyssey Was Advertised During A Montreal Hockey Game
    It’s not the first time that Nintendo-related items were promoted at Canada’s hockey games, and Super Mario Odyssey has been out for a few weeks now, but that hasn’t stopped Nintendo Canada from buying some advertising of Super Mario Odyssey at a Montreal Canadiens hockey game. It was discovered by a Twitter user who relayed […]
  • The Dev Team Behind Super Street: The Game Is “Looking Into” A Switch Release
    Super Street: The Game is a title that is coming to Xbox One, Steam and Playstation 4 in 2018. Although the Switch isn’t included, it may not stay that way. That’s because the dev team behind the game responded to a fan’s question regarding a Switch release, and the response was very interesting. The team […]
  • New Game Called “Lick My Ass” Coming To Nintendo Switch
    A new downloadable title with a rather unusual name is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2018. It is a military-themed card game called Ore no Ketsu wo Namero!, which literally translates to “Lick My Ass.” It will initially be released in Japan on mobile and PC platforms in March of next year, followed by a […]
  • Some Indie Devs Discussed What They Like About The Switch
    It’s no secret that indie games have a large presence on the Nintendo Switch. A lot of indie devs have had many positive things to say about Nintendo and their new console, and that trend has continued with a new article by RedBull. A handful of devs were interviewed to talk about the console, and […]
  • Did You Know Gaming? Discussed Pokemon Sun & Moon
    Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon’s release has been a major topic of discussion this week, but that doesn’t mean that the original Sun & Moon has been forgotten. In fact, Did You Know Gaming? has recently uploaded a video that talks about Pokemon Sun & Moon, featuring commentary by WeeklyTubeShow’s Remix. The game’s history […]
  • Nintendo General Manager Discusses What Makes Nintendo So Magical
    Dr. Bernd Fakesch, who is the general manager of Nintendo D-A-CH (Germany – Austria – Switzerland), recently participated in an interview with Wirtschaftsforum to discuss what makes Nintendo games and hardware so magical and fun. Here’s what he said: Wirtschaftsforum: Dr. Fakesch, Nintendo is one of the pioneers of the video game console and, after several ups […]
  • New Version Of Minecraft Will Now Be Coming To Nintendo Switch Next Year
    MINECON Earth has finally finished and with it came a number of updates for Minecraft fans. Whatever platform you play the creative title on, there’s something for you. Mojang also updated Nintendo Switch players on what to expect next and here’s their plans: “We also want to update you on the Super Duper Graphics pack. […]
  • There’s A New Super Mario Run Update Available
    Those of you still playing Super Mario Run will no doubt have seen that the game has received yet another update today. The charming mobile platformer has been updated to Version 3.0.6. If you haven’t checked the change log on your iOS or Android devices here’s what the update contains: Adjustments have been made so […]

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