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  • Here’s The Multiplayer Trailer For Culdcept Revolt On Nintendo 3DS
    Nintendo has uploaded the latest trailer for Culdcept Revolt, which takes a look at the upcoming game’s multiplayer component. You can check it out below. Players will be able to battle locally or online with their friends, or choose to duke it out against computers. Culdcept Revolt is set to launch in North America on […]
  • The 2017 Nintendo World Championships Miami Qualifying Round Won’t Be Rescheduled
    You may recall earlier this month that the Miami qualifying round of the 2017 Nintendo World Championships had to be postponed due to Hurricane Irma. Sadly, even though Hurricane Irma is long gone, the area is still recovering from the storm’s fury. Nintendo has announced that, because of the hurricane’s “ongoing effects”, the qualifying round […]
  • Toys R Us Confirm They Are Still Stocking SNES Mini Following Bankruptcy Report
    The sad news that Toys R Us was filing for bankruptcy only broke yesterday but we now know that Toys R Us will still be carrying the SNES Mini at launch. A rep recently told Polygon that, although there will be a limited supply of the console, the SNES Mini will still be available to […]
  • Nintendo Takes Down Videos And Patreon From Creator Of Mario 64 Online
    Only a few days ago we reported that an avid fan had created a mod that allowed online play for Super Mario 64. It would seem that Nintendo weren’t too keen on their IP being used without permission and, according to the creator, his videos and Patreon have been closed. When you try and watch […]
  • Konami Teases More Super Bomberman R Announcements
    It would seem as though Konami aren’t quite finished with Super Bomberman R as they have recently uploaded a rather ambiguous photo to their Facebook page. As you can see below, it doesn’t give anything away but they commented on the picture simply saying “Hmmm why would we post this….”. Konami are in attendance at this […]
  • Light Fall Confirmed For Nintendo Switch
    Launching alongside other major platforms March 2018, a visually striking title called Light Fall has been confirmed for Nintendo Switch. Bishop Games is the studio behind it and the game will be made available to download from the eShop. Check out some gorgeous footage of Light Fall below in this Nintendo Switch Announcement Trailer: Here’s […]
  • UK: Zelda Breath Of Wild Champions Amiibo Available For Pre-order At GAME
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Champions amiibo four pack is without a doubt one of the most sought after amiibo collections yet. UK retailer GAME has them available for pre-order on their site and if you want the four-pack then its going to cost you £69.99. You can pre-order them right here. […]
  • Here’s The SteamWorld Dig 2 Official Launch Trailer
    SteamWorld Dig 2 is finally out for the Nintendo Switch this week and what better way to celebrate its arrival than a fantastic trailer by the team over at Image & Form Games. If SteamWorld Dig 2 is on your list of things to purchase this week via the eShop then check out the trailer! […]
  • Nintendo Stock Is Up By Nearly 5% Today
    Stock in Nintendo has risen by roughly 5 percent this morning. The reason for the jump is likely to be due to the Swiss Investment Bank who upped the lifetime sales estimates for Nintendo Switch. There’s also the news that Nintendo is set to enter China once again in 2019. It seems like Nintendo is […]
  • Minecraft Halo Pack Will Be Playable On Nintendo Switch
    Good news for those of you wanting some Halo action in Minecraft as it has been confirmed today that the Halo mashup will be coming to all platforms that support the Minecraft Better Together update. So you’ll be able to use the Halo themed pack and skins on the Nintendo Switch. Sadly the New Nintendo […]

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