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  • Famitsu Provides More Pokémon Ultra Sun & Moon Information
    The latest edition of Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has divulged some more information about the upcoming Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon for the Nintendo 3DS. The information has been translated by NeoGAF member sinonobu. Enjoy! Not a sequel to S/M but the story with “different divergence”. The appearance of Ultra Recon Squad will change the […]
  • Here’s A Look At Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Ultra Challenge Pack
    Ubisoft has showcased the contents of the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Ultra Challenge package today and it admittedly looks like a blast. The Ultra Challenge Pack will put you to the test with: 8 new Ultra Hard Challenges inside each world’s Secret chapter 5 exclusive Co-op Maps If you own, or buy, the season pass […]
  • Sony Announces It’s Publishing An Indie Title Tiny Metal For Nintendo Switch
    Sony Music Entertainment, which has its own publishing label which is titled Unties, has announced today that its bringing a game to the Nintendo Switch. The game is titled Tiny Metal developed by Area35 and is best described as indie Advance Wars. Tiny Metal will arrive on a variety of platforms on November 21st. “With the growth of […]
  • Japan: Famitsu Awards Super Mario Odyssey A Near-Perfect Score Of 39/40
    The latest review scores have come in from Japanese gaming publication Famitsu and this week’s scores include the long-awaited Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch. As with all Famitsu reviews there were four reviewers who gave the game 10/10/9/10 which totals to a near-perfect 39/40. Here are the other review scores. Amaekata wa Kanojo Nari […]
  • Nintendo Conducts id Software Developer Interview For DOOM On Nintendo Switch
    To coincide with the release-date announcement for the upcoming Nintendo Switch version of DOOM, Nintendo has conducted a developer interview with Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin from id Software. You can check it out in the video below. DOOM is described as a challenging modern-day shooter experience, packed with relentless demons, destructive guns and fast-paced […]
  • Here’s Footage Of The First 40 Minutes Of Don’t Knock Twice On Switch
    Don’t Knock Twice, a first-person horror game, releases on the Nintendo Switch tomorrow, so footage of the game has begun to surface on YouTube. One of those videos is from user ContraNetwork. Although the video does not contain commentary, it shows off the game’s first 40 minutes. We’ve included the video down below, so feel […]
  • Keymailer Has A Listing For Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy On Switch
    Keymailer, which connects those who create content on YouTube and Twitch to games publishers and developers via review codes, has an interesting listing that has appeared. On their site, you can find Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy currently listed on the Nintendo Switch. It is not the first time Crash has appeared on a Nintendo […]
  • Japan: Nintendo Is Looking For Interns In 2018
    Nintendo has revealed that it’s looking for interns for 2018 for those who are interested in seeing how the Kyoto-based company works. Interns will be able to explore ares such as “Science and Technology”, “Sound”, and “Design”. Further details will be announced towards the end of the year. The internships are sadly for Japanese residents only. […]
  • GameStop, EBGames And GAME Distributing Shiny Silvally
    Towards the end of the month, and the beginning of November, GameStop and GAME will be distributing the shiny version of Legendary Pokemon Silvally. “Power up your Pokémon party with a bit of Legendary Pokémon flair by visiting a participating GameStop and EB Games where you can pick up a code card that allows Trainers […]
  • Mantis Burn Racing For Switch Is 60fps And Includes Cross-Play
    VooFoo Studios is delighted to confirm that their acclaimed top-down racing game, Mantis Burn Racing®, will run at 60fps on Nintendo Switch™ – in both TV mode and Handheld mode. Built using VooFoo Studios’ own propriety game and physics engine, Mantis Burn Racing® is a visually stunning, action-packed top-down racing game that combines real-world ‘fun’ […]

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Normally, you can get Wii points by using your credit card. However, you still have to spend some money in the future when credit card billing time comes. Now how can you get free Wii points codes? When you come to the website, you will see many offers there. Completing an offer can give you some Wii points. It is possible for you to complete many offers in a single day, especially if you love playing Nintendo games or you want to gather plenty of points so you can exchange them for something pricey. Getting Wii points from the website is a zero-risk way of increasing your enjoyment in gaming.

Now, why should you opt for free Wii points when you can buy them anyway? First, by spending money on Wii points, you forgo your ability to spend money on anything else aside from Wii-related merchandise. Many people have concluded that doing that isn’t a great way to spend money. Second, why spend money for something that you can get for free? It may take longer for you to earn Wii points by taking up offers from the website than by spending money, but free stuff doesn’t come up often nowadays. Third, even teenagers who are reliant on a daily allowance can use the website to earn free Wii points and buy the games they like.

Right now, the website already has over 10,000 likes on Facebook; many of those people may have earned Wii points already. Many of them may even have obtained their first purchase through the use of their Wii points. Be one of those people right now. All you need is an Internet connection along with a reasonable amount of spare time. Think of it this way: You may not play some of your beloved Wii games when you complete offers on the website. However, you can expect to play more thrilling, challenging, or action-packed Wii games in the future once you use the newly earned points to buy new games. Being updated is always a boon when it comes to gaming.

Having free Wii points codes is a great way to keep you playing Wii games without draining your expenses. You can use the points for your own good – or you can even use them to buy gifts for your children and friends if they love playing on a Wii. It’s never too late to start earning those free points.

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