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  • The Terraria Devs Say That “Some Work Has Been Done” On The Switch Version
    There hasn’t been a lot of news on the Nintendo Switch version of Terraria, but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t been working on it. Infatti, a recent update by the Terraria dev team has confirmed that they have done “some work”. They said that they will “hopefully” have more to share about the […]
  • Bayonetta 1 For Nintendo Switch File Size Is Apparently A Little Under 16GB
    We already know that Bayonetta 2 for the Nintendo Switch will be 12.4GB and now we’ve found out that the original Bayonetta for the Nintendo Switch will be a little under 16GB. When you purchase Bayonetta 2 you’ll receive Bayonetta 1 as a download code to redeem on the Nintendo Switch eShop. SourceFiled sotto: Nintendo, Interruttore […]
  • Square Enix President Talks About The Nintendo Switch’s Success
    UK news publication The Telegraph recently had the chance to interview Yosuke Matsuda, president of Square Enix. It’s lengthy interview and there are a number of interesting points made. Tuttavia, what you most likely want to know is how Square Enix has reacted to the success of the Nintendo Switch: How has the Switch changed how Tokyo […]
  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Gets New Mysterious Original Character Plus New Costumes
    Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is getting a brand new mysterious character and new costumes. The news was discovered in a recent scan published online (che è possibile visualizzare in basso). A new character is teased and is apparently named Fuu. He is thought to be part of the demon clan, but that has yet to be confirmed. […]
  • Giappone: Phantasy Star Online 2 Cloud Coming To Nintendo Switch Spring 2018
    Phantasy Star series producer Satoshi Sakai and Episode 5 director Hiroki Hamasaki have confirmed to Japanese publication 4Gamer that Phantasy Star Online 2 Cloud is coming to the Nintendo Switch in Spring 2018. The game will be available to play in both handheld and docked mode and will run at a steady 30fps. fonte / ViaFiled sotto: Nintendo, […]
  • Digital Foundry Retro Tackle Donkey Kong Country And Killer Instinct
    Digital Foundry has a treat in store for retro enthusiasts as they have taken a look back at the iconic Donkey Kong Country and Killer Instinct for the Super Nintendo. The team reveal how Rare pulled off their magical feats on the SNES hardware. You can take a look at the dissection of both games, […]
  • Mini Metro Designing Subway Network Coming To Nintendo Switch
    Radial Games have announced that the subway network design title Mini Metro is destined for the Nintendo Switch. The interesting indie title will be arriving on Nintendo’s latest platform in early 2018. Here’s what the team had to say and also there’s a fresh teaser trailer to check out here. Today we’re pleased to announce […]
  • Giappone: Dragon Quest Builders Launches On Nintendo Switch March 1st 2018
    Square Enix have confirmed during Jump Fiesta 2018 that Dragon Quest Builders for the Nintendo Switch will launch on March 1st in Japan. There will also be a demo for the game available on the eShop on February 1st. Those who pre-order through Amazon will have access to the “Slime Lampâ€� recipe and those who pre-order at […]
  • All Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Players Can Now Receive 50 Leaf Tickets For Free
    Due to the overwhelming success of the recent Twitter challenge for Animal Crossing: Pocket Campo, all players can now receive a total of 50 Leaf Tickets for free. This gift has already been sent to your mailbox, but you have until January 12, 2018 to redeem it – so be sure to do so before […]
  • Here’s A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Splatoon 2’s Music
    The release of Splatoon 2 hasn’t stopped Nintendo from releasing video content related to the game. Nintendo recently uploaded a YouTube video that shows a behind-the-scenes look at work being done on the game’s music. We even get to see the voice actors for the Squid Sisters, as well as the voice actors for Pearl […]

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