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  • Here’s The Launch Trailer For Disgaea 5 Complete On Nintendo Switch
    NIS America has unveiled a new trailer to celebrate the launch of Disgaea 5 Complete, which is out now on Nintendo Switch as a physical and digital release in both North America and Europe. The strategy role-playing title promises hundreds of hours of gameplay and marks the first time the fifth core entry in the […]
  • New Details About Mario x Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Arriving On The Switch
    Following on from the possible image leak of Mario X Rabbids, comes some more details from Nintendo World Report. Whilst the game hasn’t been officially announced, this information has provided more solid proof that the title will be arriving to the Nintendo Switch soon. NWR describes the game as being presented as an RPG that mixes exploration […]
  • Here’s A Possible Image Leak From Mario X Rabbids
    One game that we know is in development for the Nintendo Switch but has yet be formally announced by Ubisoft and Nintendo is Mario X Rabbids. An image has popped up online purporting to be from the game which is likely to make its debut at E3 next month in Los Angeles. We shall know […]
  • Level-5 Share Their Thoughts On Nintendo Switch
    Level-5, the developer behind the beloved Professor Layton and other established series, have confirmed today that they are developing for the Nintendo Switch. Level-5 president and CEO Akihiro Hino has shared his thoughts on Nintendo’s latest platform in the latest issue of Nikkei Trendy. Here’s what he had to say about the popular system: Nintendo Switch, […]
  • Former Famitsu Editor Believes Switch Shortages Will Last All Year
    While the Nintendo Switch released months ago, the console is still plagued with supply issues. Just like the Wii and the NES Mini, it has been hard for fans to get their hands on the system. It doesn’t look like this is going to be improved any time soon either. According to the former editor […]
  • Check Out The Various ARMS Control Schemes
    The ARMS Twitter account has detailed the various ways you can play the upcoming brawler ARMS for the Nintendo Switch and there’s a play style for everyone. There are five control schemes: Dual Joy-Cons, Joy-Con Grip, Handheld, Single Joy-Con, and Pro Controller and you can check them all out, below. SourceFiled under: Nintendo, Switch Tagged: Arms, control […]
  • U.S: Dive Into The World Of Nintendo On The 2017 Summer Of Play Tour
    With universally loved franchises like Super Mario, Mario Kart and The Legend of Zelda, Nintendo has been a staple in many families’ lives for decades. Now with games like Splatoon 2 and ARMS, fun new memories can be created this summer. As part of its 2017 Summer of Play tour, Nintendo is taking its Nintendo […]
  • There Are “No Plans” For A Nintendo Switch Version Of Middle-earth: Shadow Of War
    You might not want to hold your breath for a Nintendo Switch version of Middle-earth: Shadow of War. The follow-up to 2014’s well-received Shadow of Mordor probably won’t come to Nintendo’s latest console. According to game director Michael de Plater, developer Monolith Productions has “no plans for the Switch at this time.” The upcoming title […]
  • UK: Here Are Your Times For The ARMS Global Testpunch
    Although the Global ARMS Testpunch will happen everywhere simultaneously, Nintendo UK have taken it upon themselves to publish territory-specific times for the event which starts this weekend. It also serves as a means for Nintendo to stress test their servers. Check out the times below: Saturday May 27th 01:00 – 01:59 BST 13:00 – 13:59 BST […]
  • Dev Explains Why Nintendo Switch Was The Perfect Fit For Graceful Explosion Machine
    In a recent interview with, Mobeen Fikree from Vertex Pop explains why he thought that the Nintendo Switch was the perfect for their eShop title; Graceful Explosion Machine. In short, it’s because of the handheld / home-console hybrid nature of the Switch and that GEM works equally well as both a handheld game and a […]

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